The Short Story

Founded by proven technology industry executives and experienced venture investors, Teqspring marries vast operating expertise with a keen eye for investing in early stage, disruptive software market opportunities. Headquartered in North America, and with technology and incubation centers worldwide, we partner with innovative, motivated and committed entrepreneurs who want to transform good ideas into winning enterprises. Unlike most incubators that simply provide armchair mentoring, facilities, networking, and advice, Teqspring portfolio companies leverage our worldwide infrastructure of design, architecture and software engineering talent, dramatically affecting time-to-market. We have proven you can have cheaper, faster and better.

Our latest fund has invested in nine new portfolio companies in the past year alone, some already in-market and performing. We have pride-of-income, leaving the publicity and accolades for founders and our co-investors.

Portfolio Mission

We seek promising, early stage software market opportunities and founders with passion and winning attitudes. We target a broad range of disruptive technology areas, ranging from social mobility to embedded systems. We care more about the team and market opportunity than the technology. We believe the easy part is solving technology challenges, reinforced by our successes in this and our previous fund.

Unique Model

We have developed a proprietary process for taking entrepreneurs through the ideation phase in what we call a “Scoping Session.” These sessions generally take two full days, and with the purpose of understanding and evaluating application objectives through the eyes of well-defined user profiles, assessing the competitive landscape, capturing necessary system inputs and outputs, identifying interrelationships between system components, and extracting all potential revenue & business models. It's not enough to build a cool app. We want to know up front how a cool app makes money.

What They're Saying

"Teqspring allowed us to get the job done right, gave us time-to-market, and stretched-out our Series A financing for another six months."

Venture-backed Software Company Founder & CEO

"Economic uncertainty dictates that our portfolio companies must get more done for less, and with Teqspring we not only preserve cash, we also get quality talent through a committed investment partner."

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

"I really like how Teqspring respects the confidentiality of our business relationship, avoiding any confusion for our customers and partners."

Start-up CEO